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Welcome to Your Wardrobe Unlock'd!

Congratulations on making the brave decision to invest in yourself and your sewing success!


You're going to find Wardrobe to be an incredible resource that cuts through all the clutter, all the fluff, and all the noise on the Internet and takes you right to the best and most reliable information about how to make your next costume the most flattering, professional quality garment you've ever made. I'm excited for you!

In a few minutes you'll get an email with all your login details and a link to the website with all the details you'll need to dive in and get started using our articles, videos and community to make your sewing breathtaking. You're going to love it!

And after that, a heads up right now - you're going to receive an email once a week with details of what's new on the site for that week. It might be a new article, a new video, or news about a coaching call you can jump on with us in person - and it'll also tell you the latest about what's happening in our community, so that even if you haven't got a lot of time to keep up with all the posts, you get the direct links to the hottest and most useful conversations. That email is crucial to getting the most out of your membership, so make sure you look out for it on Saturday (it might arrive in your "Promotions" folder in Gmail - just drag it over to the "Important" stuff!)


If you can't wait, here are THREE things you can do RIGHT NOW...


How to get started

  • Join the Members' Club, meet other committed makers like you, and get help with YOUR projects from your Mentors and fellow Members;
  • Log in above and begin your journey to mastery with the library here at Your Wardrobe Unlock'd (and Foundations Revealed, if signed up to both)







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