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SquarepicIn Part 2 of her series on creating customised fabrics, Lisha shows us how to design and order our own special, unique cloth - perfect for recreating your dream outfit!

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Historical sewing
I am interested in reading the article posted on Facebook.
Re: Historical Sewing
Hi there Jenny,
I'm afraid that article is accessible to members only. However, if you're interested in joining and accessing our whole archive of articles on historic costume making, then please pop along to http://www.yourwardrobeunlockd.com/249-slideshow/617-become-a-member-now.
We've got some particularly good deals for students and seniors right now, at http://www.yourwardrobeunlockd.com/249-slideshow/677-student-membership, so it's a chance to grab a discounted membership deal while they're still available!

Another solution for creating a dashed line like that is to use the Text tool to write a line of dashes: ------ or dash-space-dash: - - - - - - -. Then you can rasterize and rotate or transform the line however you like. (For different effects, you can obviously you can also use equals signs, underscores, periods, carrots...)
That's an interesting idea. I never would have thought of using text to create lines or dashes! I'll have to experiment with that the next time I make a striped or patterned fabric.

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