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Victorian (general)

LondonLadiesSquareThe Victorian era spans a long period of rapid change and progress during the 19th century. We've broken our Victorian articles down into smaller sub-categories according to all the different styles of the period, but some of our articles are appropriate to more than one decade, or even to the Victorian era in general. You'll find those below.

Don't forget, also, that we've sometimes found it difficult to place an article in a specific era. Do browse other categories either side of the one you're interested in - you never know what useful treasures you might find!

Swiss Waist, Part 1

C.I.41.58.4ac F - swiss waist bodice from NYC's Met MuseumWhat is a Swiss Waist, and how does it differ from a corset? Nikki Swift, corsetiere and stalwart of Foundations Revealed, explains it all. 

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Swiss Waist, Part 2

squarepicNikki continues her journey through the world of Swiss Waist Belts, drafting one from scratch and one from an original Victorian pattern.

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How To Make A Worth Gown 1

Maria Hendrika of Belgium, 1865, probably wearing WorthExploring Charles Frederick's story to find the secrets behind his genius, and thus capture the magic of Worth in our own work.

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Bustles, Bustles, and More Bustles

Bustles, Bustles and More Bustles by Christina DeAngeloWhat's not to love about a bustle gown? Christina puts aside the lobster tail, makes some different bustles and compares the effects.

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Lobster Tail Bustle Pattern & How-To

Lobster Tail Bustle Pattern & How-To by Christina DeAngeloThe lobster tail bustle is a classic for a reason. Here, Christina shows us how to put some junk in that trunk (includes free pattern).  

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Swiss Waist, Part 3

iconNow that we've studied many original Swiss Waists, here's how to draft and construct as close to the original style as possible.

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Swiss Waist, 4: The Historical Pattern

Swiss Waist, 4: The Historical Pattern by Nikki SwiftNikki concludes her Swiss waist study by constructing a final garment from an original 1860 pattern using accurate methods.

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How to Revive Hinged Purses

How to Revive Hinged Purses by Lynn McMastersThe world is full of gorgeous metal frame purses with disintegrating fabrics. Here's how to restore them to beauty. (Includes pattern)

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Patterning a Purse From Just a Frame

Patterning a purse by Lynn McM.Sometimes you have a purse frame with tons of possibilities, but no pattern. Here, Lynn shows us how to make our own. 

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Frugal Fashion in the 19th Century

Frugal FashionFour very different extant dresses highlight how a frugal approach to garment construction once informed sewing technique.

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Woodruff-Fontaine Collection, part II

Screen Shot 2016 10 05 at 19.54.32Woodruff-Fontaine House has one of the most extensive costume collections in the American South. We take a tour.

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The Elusive Waterfall Skirt, Part I

squarepicThe most eye-catching Victorian skirts are the most maddening to drape just right! Here's the insider trick to the waterfall skirt.

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