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Letters, Q&A

The Cup of Tea, Mary Cassatt, 1880

We answer your questions about the Double Period Project and about lace knitting patterns.

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Letters, Questions & Advice: March 2010

Doll dressed in the latest fashion in 1857This month:

  • Trisha asks about creating a dress form for a French fashion doll and patterns for it.
  • Shawn inquires about the historically correct way to piece an 1880 chemise
  • Cathy explains about the DPP Corsets competition and FR


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Letters, Questions & Advice: December 2009

Portrait of Antoinette-Elisabeth-Marie d'Aguesseau, by Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, 1785We hope you're not getting too stressed out by the approaching holidays!

This month on Letters, Questions & Advice, we've got three questions: Corey asks about sleeves on men's doublets from the Elizabethian period, a Frustrated Fan asks Cathy some pointed questions about the DPP, and Hanna asks about lining the back pleats in a 1775 Caraco jacket.


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Letters, Questions, Advice: May '10

Madame Victoire of France, 1788

Discussion on what style of dress suits a plus size lady best; adjusting a 1770's waistcoat pattern for a man with a large stomach.


Letters, Questions & Advice: February 2010

Eva_Gonzales, Portrait of a Woman in White 1879This month we have two questions: One on ruffles and the effect of grain and the other on working with large, light colored projects.

We also ask for your feedback about our newly re-organised site - are you finding YWU easier to use now?


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Letters, Questions and Advice: November 2009

18 year old Henry VIII in 1509 upon acsending the throneThis month on Letters, Questions & Answers, Melissa Barton reviews "The King's Servants", the latest release from Ninya Mikhaila's new publishing company.

Meanwhile, Naath Cousins shares the secrets of how a relative beginner can pull off an entire underwear-out SPP entry without even appearing to break a sweat!

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Letters, Questions & Advice: April 2010

Man with a book, 1777, G A HoffmanThis month on the Letters, Questions and Answers page we have:

  • Two requests for men's clothing articles (and the answer)
  • Regency pinafores as seen in Jane Austen films: did they really exist?
  • A free, globally available wealth of Regency fashion plates in full color
  • What does Dickens mean by a "comforter" in A Christmas Carol?

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Letters, Questions & Advice: Jan 2010

letters-iconAthena asks about costuming events, and we ask you, the readers, if you'd like an event calendar on the site in the new year.

Grace, winner of this year's SPP, responds to a request for more information on how she created the beautiful decoration on her gown.

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Your Letters, Advice and Questions - October 2009

Gerard ter Borch, Lady writing a letter, 1655Thank you very much if you took time out to answer the survey recently. In response to your feedback, we're going to try some improvements to the format of the Ask the Experts page.

There's such talent and experience amongst our readers as well as our writers that this month we'd like to enhance it and make it into a "Letters, questions and advice" page - so not only will you be able to ask questions, you'll be able to share your own tips and advice and your own experiences, as well as your letters, to the mix!

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