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 Poison IvyDesigning a new costume for a well-known character can be hard. Sophie explains how she created a new look for a Poison Ivy fan-film. 

squarepic Fall-front trousers were the most popular style of legwear in Britain and France for half a century. Ruth explains how to make them.

squarepicIf you're going to turn up at your ex's wedding, do it in a killer of a hat. Lauren shows us how to make this spectacular topper inspired by 'Gentleman Jack.'

waistcoat thumbnailIn the second part of this two-part series, Lyssa shows us how to stitch the main features of her waistcoat corset.

waistcoat thumbnail Lyssa shows us how to create an embroidered, waistcoat-style contemporary corset--inspired by original 18th century gentlemen’s garments.

SquarepicSil Devilly walks us through the simple construction of a classic square-cut shirt from the late Georgian or Regency  era. 

bowonhatNo one wants a sad hat! Lauren shares some clever millinery basics that will help your hats look smart and professional. 

squarepicLauren shows us how to recreate a stunning 19th century "drawn" bonnet from an original antique and explains its historical importance.

squarepicNow that you have a pattern, it's time to learn how to actually construct this luscious Dior-style couture foundation in part 3.

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