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icon free smElizabeth takes us through the depths of traditional theatrical tailoring with the construction of this brilliant WWI style military suit.

squarpicThere are many styles of trousers through history, and many pattern making methods. Here's how to draft trousers from 1822 and 1826.

Screen Shot 2016 10 05 at 19.54.32Woodruff-Fontaine House has one of the most extensive costume collections in the American South. We take a tour.

icon free smOh, to be a wealthy American traveling to Paris to order a dress from Worth! These original guides discuss what it was like...

iconNeed a new hat? Maybe a fresh velvet hat for Fall will pick up your spirits. Try this easy-to-make hat from Fall 1927.

icon free smNobody wants a wardrobe malfunction on their head. Liz shows us how to put on a wig, keep it there, and make it look pretty. 

SquarepicNeed some trousers? YWU Competition winner Charlotte Thomasius traces the history of fashion and cutting in mens' pants.

icon free smI'm back with a tailoring topic that some of you requested and I'm more than happy to supply: how to cut and sew a pair of gentlemen's trousers. 

Bandeau 10In the final instalment, Chantal shows how to make your own buckram crown and create a finished, functional hat.

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