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Bandeau 10In the final instalment, Chantal shows how to make your own buckram crown and create a finished, functional hat.

icon free smI love 18th Century quilted petticoats but I really hate quilting. So here's how to fake an 18th century quilted petticoat convincingly.

unnamed1Dating this late 1890's wool tailored suit to a specific season and year, and finding the fashion plate that probably inspired it!

Screen Shot 2016 10 05 at 19.54.32This Tennessee museum has the South's largest collection of Victorian and Edwardian clothing. Lisha walks us through their treasures. 

Screen Shot 2016 09 29 at 11.22.40All dressed up with nowhere to go? Your 18th century gown would probably enjoy a nice trip to Versailles to party like the Sun King. 

icon free smTurning your “hobby” into your career can be frightening. Before you give your boss and spouse the big speech, take our quiz!

LaceApplique   1Lace fabric makes dazzling headwear for many historical periods. Here are several projects that use lace fabric to its full advantage. 

icon free smA great costume deserves a great head of hair. Liz shows us how to get started styling wigs - straightening, curling, storing, and tools you need. 

icon free smYou can easily picture your spectacular new gown trailing behind you as you make a grand entrance... but what about the dirt?

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