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Elizabethan tailor

This month, you may watch in amusement as I wrangle with a subject I know very little about.

If you're as briefly acquainted with Tudor and Elizabethan costume as I am, prepare for a treat as we "ooh" and "aah" together over a new and wonderful branch of costume. Meanwhile, if this is your thang, you may alternatively watch in the aforementioned amusement and then go off to our Website of the Month in informed adoration of your very favourite thing.

ImageThis month, Sarah Lorraine answers your questions about historical accuracy, matching patterns and the delicate art of wig-making...






My grandmother had her own atelier where she made fur coats after World War II until they went out of fashion. My mother is a costumer and has studied arts. I studied Graphic Design & Mediation and always loved crafts.

I did not start sewing until after my divorce, when I had to sell my horses I suddenly had time and a desire to do something new and for myself. I used to help my mother with basting and cutting of clothes to make, but never actually used a sewing machine.

I only started in 2004, I made most improvement by one simple rule, sew everyday for at least one hour. First it's to make progress, next it's to maintain your level.

ImageEnglishwoman Michelle Pye has an extraordinary breadth of experience within sewing. She is an accomplished tailoress, dressmaker, teacher and retailer of fine interlinings.




icon free smHow to make your own personalised Victorian corset pattern - a class suitable for beginners! You'll be surprised how well it fits...

icon free smTaking the mystery, the jargon and as many numbers as possible out of the process of drafting your own patterns, step by step.

icon free smThree quick head-start techniques to help beginners attract maximum compliments with minimum blood, sweat and tears.

icon free smWant to make the leap from home-made look to couture quality? Here are the best sewing tips from some great costumers.

It was a couple of years ago that, resigned to a half hour of boredom, I picked up a nondescript magazine in my doctor's surgery. To my surprise and delight, it wasn't long before I was willing the delay to continue for as long as possible, for within the pages of that dog-eared periodical was an article about the Gainsborough Silk Weaving Company.

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